Carlton Speaks LLC

About the Business

Through my strategic approach of customized coaching programs, I've also helped clients prepare for dating as a Christian, overcome procrastination, develop time management skills, establish effective boundaries, improve their mindset and the develop the characteristics of a entrepreneur. My goal as a coach is to help you become the BEST version of yourself along with developing the principles and practices that will help you EXCEL in every area of your life! Carlton Speaks has been viewed in 92 different countries including the United States and has reached a following of over 20,000 people worldwide. Along with assisting people with developing a closer connection with God, Carlton Speaks also places a strong and unique emphasis on the empowerment of Women!

Business Pricing

"The best investment you can make is in yourself" - Warren Buffett

Customized Coaching Programs start at an investment of $125

Payment Plans are available for every coaching program!

"My coaching experience with Carlton was great. He was the push I needed. By the time my 6 week “Breakthrough” session ended, I accomplished every goal I listed. My confidence, drive and my ambition was high. If you are committed to personal growth, I would highly recommend coaching with Carlton."

Shenah W.

"Having you as my Life Coach was to gain clarity about what I wanted in life. Overcoming obstacles, fear, and insecurities that was holding me back. The plan you created for me helped me reach my goals faster. Also you held me accountable for working on myself. Thank you!! You are truly a blessing to many and keep up the good work."

Daneia H.

"I am always in awe at the simplicity in which Carlton could get to the heart of the matter concerning God’s word. Working with Carlton this year has taught me how to take the word of God to the next level. His enthusiastic coaching style is encouraging, motivating, and uplifting."

Porscha A.