Topaz Thimble

About the Business

Topaz Thimble is a local sewing business that mainly focuses on wedding alterations but also offers other items such as memory pieces and custom sewn gifts. Our business is woman-owned, LGBTQ+ friendly, and an equal opportunity for any customer to schedule a consultation and/or fitting appointment. You can also see some of our work at local craft shows in the area!

We are working our hardest to break the expectations of extreme diet and exercise to fit into any garment and instead embrace the clients unique, beautiful selves as they are. We love working with clients who push our creative brain and ask for unique requests.

Business Pricing

Wedding garments: Typically alterations range $800-$1,500

Other evening wear fittings: $90-$300

"I always wanted to use my mom's wedding dress in some way and Kati perfectly brought this dream to life! She worked with what I wanted, along with providing advice for what she thought would work best with the dress. It was a tough dress and I am amazed at her ability to transform it! If I ever need alterations again, she will be the person I go to!"

Kiera K.

"Kati is gem! After picking up my dress from the bridal shop I was worried that it would not fit right but Kati and her team did a phenomenal job on my alterations! She even made me a blusher. She had such a positive attitude and was so easy to work with!"

Molly M.

"She knew exactly what to do to make my dress fit exactly how I envisioned. I never felt more confident in a strapless gown."

Heidi E.